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Dedicated team

We assist you as a healthcare provider in such areas as strategic issues, corporate finance and restructuring. When you work with JBR on a transaction or assignment, you always work with the same team. That way we can provide the most added value.

International network

The innovation strength in the Netherlands offers opportunities for the rollout abroad of new concepts developed here. Attention is expected to increasingly shift to providers of innovative care concepts such as digitized care pathways, telehealth and monitoring, diagnostics, etc. These assignments can transcend national borders. Therefore, we are a member of the international REACH M&A network where international issues are taken up for you.

Track record

JBR has over 25 years of experience in M&A transactions in the Healthcare sector. As of 2020, the JBR Healthcare team has assisted 14 sale and purchase transactions in the healthcare sector.


Dedicated team


International network


Track record

Watch this film with our take on the dilemmas.

  1. Human or machine? How can care be more efficient? For example, will the operating robot with artificial intelligence take over the surgeon's job in the operating room?
  2. Is there a bridge between supply and demand in the health care labor market?
  3. Is home automation and digital care a solution to save healthcare costs? Healthcare providers are simultaneously struggling with hefty investments in ICT.
  4. Are we becoming dependent on foreign investors infiltrating health care? Can we embrace them or must we defend our market?

The healthcare cooperation monitor

M&A dynamics in healthcare

This report contains the most complete overview of mergers and acquisitions/holdings in the Dutch healthcare sector over the years. We have been meticulously tracking the results since 2012.

By adding sub-segments and scoring on additional criteria, this survey provides more insight for healthcare organizations, administrators, supervisors and healthcare employees.

The starting point for the research report is the healthcare transactions announced by healthcare institutions and approved by the NZa (Dutch Healthcare Authority).


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