We not only do what we promise and have our processes in order, but we also work continuously on our craftsmanship. Our motto is: tomorrow will be better than today'. We are constantly committed to further professionalization of the field, of our agency and of our individual consultants.

Tomorrow will be better than today.


JBR's partners: Rick ter Maat, Caspar van der Geest and Ronald van Rijn

Logo of REACH, REACH is our cross-border M&A network in which independent consulting firms work together to achieve the best results for their clients.

Our quality standards

JBR works with an international M&A network -REACHM&A - an international network with more than 30 corporate finance advisory firms

JBR is a member of the ROA (Raad van Organisatie Adviesbureaus) Terms and conditions of the ROA

We are ISO 9001:2015 and ACP certified (with the exception of JBR Interim Executives, JBR Mandate, JBR Governance and JBR BeLux). The certifier CIIO has developed the yardstick for this, which was developed from the practice of a knowledge-intensive organization and provides guidance for an inspiring quality management system.

We are registered with DFCA (Dutch Corporate Finance Association)

We are registered with DTA (Dutch Turnaround Association)

Managing partner Ronald van Rijn is a member of the European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals(EACTP)

JBR has threeRegistered Valuators (members of the NIRV, Dutch Institute of Registered Valuators)



The customer is the focus at JBR

Doing what we promise.

The ISO (process) and ACP (substantive consulting) certifications provide an externally assessed quality guarantee for our clients. The combination of both certifications not only has practical advantages, but also aligns with our way of working in which we not only do what we promise and have our processes in order, but also continuously work on our craftsmanship.