SaaS businessmodel transformation

A company with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model is typically valued at significantly higher multiples, than a company with a traditional (on-premise) software business model, due to recurring rather than one-time revenues.

Combined with growing demand for companies with "asset light" and scalable business models, this makes the (partial) sale of SaaS companies more attractive than ever. High revenue growth and low customer turnover are key drivers of a SaaS company's value and will therefore need to be top priorities to create value.

We are happy to advise you on the financial-strategic transformation to a SaaS business model or identifying and optimizing key SaaS value drivers.


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Depending on your sector and question, a dedicated team of consultants will be assembled to help you with your issue. We have extensive experience within the Digital & Technology sector in both strategic and corporate finance and restructuring areas.

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Besides an office in the Netherlands, JBR also has an office in Belgium with a strong focus on the Digital & Technology sector. We work together on assignments that transcend national borders. JBR is also a member of the international Global M&A Partners network where international issues are jointly addressed.

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Digital & Technolog's team of experienced consultants works across sectors for clients including Supervisory Boards, DGAs or subsidiaries and corporate venturing units.


Dedicated team


International network


Track record

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