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We assist your company with corporate finance issues by providing support in raising venture and debt capital, valuing companies and assisting in the purchase and sale of companies. Always from an independent advisory role; we are not affiliated with any investment company or lender. This ensures the independence of our advisors. They continue to ask the 'why' question, even if you prefer to hear something else. This approach has resulted in a large number of loyal clients. They value our independence and have established long-term working relationships with us.


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The consultants at JBR realize that selling your company is an impactful event. We prepare the marketing materials and organize an appropriate sales process that matches your sales criteria. As process manager, we coordinate with other advisors, such as accountants, lawyers and tax specialists, so that the process runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We help entrepreneurs acquire companies. To achieve growth and scale, acquire additional competencies, improve strategic market position or otherwise. We guide the entire process from the discrete approach of an acquisition candidate to closing the transaction. We can also support you in setting up an acquisition strategy and identifying acquisition candidates.

Business valuation

With their in-depth knowledge of the value creation process, JBR's valuation experts can help you understand your company's value and value drivers in a variety of situations.

Growth Capital

Entrepreneurs often have growth plans that require external growth capital. The consultants at JBR can review your business plan and, if necessary, translate it into a financial and investment plan. With this, risk-bearing financing can be raised from (venture) investors and your growth ambitions can be realized.


We can help entrepreneurs structure and arrange financing for their businesses or projects. To this end, JBR applies financial modeling and scenario analysis and has access to an extensive network among banks and alternative debt providers.


JBR the right choice

Financial advice

Independent and transparent

We always work from an independent advisory role. An open way of doing business, which has now attracted many clients to us and resulted in many an ambassador.

In-depth industry knowledge

JBR advises and assists companies in sectors where the stakes and challenges are high - such as Maritime & Offshore, Energy & Environment, Healthcare, Food & Agri, Industrial Markets and Digital & Technology.

Dedicated teams

We work closely with you in specifically assembled project teams consisting of corporate finance advisors, strategists and researchers. JBR's consultants like to act as trusted sparring partners and are committed to achieving the best results for you. This working method is highly valued by clients.


Independent and transparent


In-depth industry knowledge


Dedicated teams

The valuation of your company

Registered Business Valuators

Business valuation plays an important role in strategic value creation, the purchase, sale or merger of companies, financing issues and disputes between shareholders or with the tax authorities. But also for companies in dire financial straits who want to make use of the Homologation Private Agreement Act (WHOA).

The objective valuations of our Corporate Finance team provide an excellent basis for such situations. If you want to enter a transaction process or negotiations with a good feeling, make sure you have a solid business valuation of your company. Our Register Valuators registered with the NiRV will be happy to assist you.

JBR employs three Business Valuators: Rocher Hulst, Rick ter Maat and Occo van der Hout

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A strategic business acquisition is usually done to improve one's own market position from an established strategic objective. The acquired company can be a direct competitor, so that the own company can grow after the business acquisition through the acquired products/services, customers and/or market share. A company outside the own core business can also be bought, for example because of new technologies or additional competencies that offer opportunities.

Together with you, our Corporate Finance advisors will create an acquisition recommendation and search profile with which we will get to work, informing, advising and supervising the entire acquisition process.

When a part of your business is up for sale, you often run into very specific problems. Selling a business unit requires a thorough carve-out strategy.

JBR's Corporate Finance advisors support you in identifying the carve-out components and areas of concern. We can also prepare a business valuation the carve-out business. In addition, JBR can assist you with the carve-out itself. We ensure that you can quickly present a sale-ready business to potential buyers.

More and more companies are using joint ventures to realize their strategy. Typically, a joint venture results in a joint subsidiary where forces are combined. Both participating parties remain completely independent and neither party holds a majority stake in the joint venture.

Joint ventures are often complex and can be extremely sensitive. In a joint venture, companies with different backgrounds and visions start working together. Not every company itself has the required competencies to realize the objectives of the cooperation despite opposing interests. It is important to make concrete agreements and record them well.

JBR has over 35 years of experience and knowledge to best protect the specific interests as a minority, majority or 50/50 shareholder. We are happy to help you with that.

Entrepreneurs today cannot rely blindly on obtaining and continuing their business financing.

The banking world has changed significantly, and these changes are structural in nature. Banks have become very critical and do not grant credit lightly. Banks and other financing institutions ask companies for a solid substantiation and risk analysis of their plans. Venture investors want to be clear about what problem a (young) company solves with its new product or service, the market potential, the go-to-market strategy and the earnings model. Only then is it possible to obtain company financing.

JBR can not only validate your plans, but also translate them into cash flows and a well-founded financing requirement. Our Corporate Finance advisors have expertise to provide you with expert advice on raising venture and debt capital.

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