Since 1984

JBR is an independent consulting firm.

We are an independent consulting firm with a tradition in strategic issues, corporate finance and corporate restructuring. In the broadest sense but with a focus on six sectors. We are very well versed in these areas, which makes us a discussion partner that helps translate sharp analyses into your daily practice. We like to create overview and insight.

We help you to identify and clarify all scenarios to arrive at a responsible and firmly grounded decision.

The very combination of strategy, corporate finance and restructuring enables us to approach complex issues from different angles. Professionalism is enshrined in quality systems and in a demonstrable track record.

Realistic, energetic and "hands on".


JBR is an independent consulting firm for strategy, corporate finance and restructuring
JBR is an independent consulting firm for strategy, corporate finance and restructuring

The interests of the company are always paramount.

We aim to be a logical choice for an entrepreneur through the sector knowledge we possess. Count on clear and independent thinking and advice that does not get stuck in abstraction. But with which we actually put you on the trail of new opportunities and give your ambitions concrete perspective.

Our clients are the decision makers within listed companies, family businesses, investors and banks, both in the Netherlands and (far) abroad. We are therefore active in a global network.

We believe in a flexible approach with multidisciplinary teams and close collaboration, culminating in long-term relationships. We are strongly committed to our clients.

A client of JBR becomes a relationship for life.

People make the difference.

In addition to our sector expertise, it is of course our people who make the difference. The JBR team is a powerful mix of different people who complement each other. There is a lot of togetherness with us. We want to be better tomorrow than we are today. JBR has all kinds of consultation situations in which knowledge is shared but everyone is also challenged to present issues. A learning organization in all respects.

We believe it is important for people to continue to develop.

Now and in the future.


JBR is an independent consulting firm for strategy, corporate finance and restructuring
photo with the subject that JBR sponsors charities

CSR - education, culture and health care.

We chose UAF as our sponsorship target in 2017. The UAF is an independent foundation that represents the interests of refugee students and professionals. Refugees come here with a lot of knowledge and experience. They deserve to have this utilized and to have the best opportunities in our country. The international nature of our agency requires multicultural thinking, and we also encourage our employees to keep learning. In doing so, we embrace of UN development goals: SDG 4 - Ensure equal access to quality education and promote lifelong learning for all

We have been a sponsor of the IDFA since 2014. This is the largest and leading documentary festival in the world. It gives us the opportunity to organize a film evening for good relations.

The documentary we choose always has a link to our work and contemporary trends. The film is followed by a substantive follow-up discussion with the filmmaker or experts.

Since 2024, we have been a Friend of the Red Cross.


The history of JBR.

JBR is an independent consulting firm that has existed since 1984. Our roots are in Rotterdam, where the firm was founded at the time by the namesakes of the consulting firm: Jeltsma, Van Biert and Randoe, of which only the B - of Kees van Biert - is still associated with JBR.

Although JBR has moved elsewhere from Rotterdam in the early 1990s, we still do many deals in the maritime and offshore sectors. The port of Rotterdam has never been out of sight. Since moving to Zeist, we have done more deals in the Rotterdam port than when we were still located in Rotterdam. Assessing deals remotely works.

JBR's roots are in Rotterdam

Because we understand your world.

We know the dilemmas you face and help you base your choices on sound thinking. Because we have 'the best and the brightest' on board. And because we know your world inside out. So we've been bringing the most complex issues back to the core since 1984. If you could use some thinking and imagination, we'd love to think along with you.