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We assist you as a Food& Agri entrepreneur in the areas of strategic issues, corporate finance and restructuring. When you work with JBR on a transaction or assignment, you always work with the same team. That way we can deliver the most added value.

International network

There has been a labor shortage in the Food&Agri sector for some time. This has accelerated the use of technology, such as sensors, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, in greenhouses, for example. These jobs transcend national borders. That is why we are a member of the international REACH M&A network where international issues are picked up for you.

Track record

We have successfully advised a broad range of parties within the food&agri industry (such as flour products, bakeries, (wholesale) trade, technological innovations, snacks and nurseries). JBR has extensive and up-to-date sector knowledge, a personal approach and a hands-on mentality.


Dedicated team


International network


Track record

Food Security

By 2050, the world's population will have grown from 7 to 10 billion people. To meet the demand for food from healthier and more prosperous people, global food production will have to grow by at least 60%. At the same time, constraints in the availability of land, natural resources and labor are emerging.

These are major challenges for everyone, some of which call for greater efficiency, digitization and technology. On the other hand, the trend toward efficiency and mass production, partly because of the associated climate impact, is coming under increasing pressure among parts of society.

The revision toward sustainable and local food also seems to have been endorsed by current developments.


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