Selling a business

Selling your business is a major decision that stems from a clearly defined strategic vision. This may be for personal reasons, financial considerations or the desire to explore new opportunities. By selling your business, you can free up capital, diversify your risks or take a new direction in your professional career.

Our Corporate Finance advisors are ready to guide you through the process of selling your company. Together with you, we draw up a sales strategy and profile, continuously informing, advising and guiding you through the entire sales process. Our approach is based on an in-depth analysis of your company and the market, striving for an optimal match between your company and potential buyers.

At JBR, we understand that selling your business is more than just a financial transaction. It is about the legacy you have built, the employees involved and the future of the business. That's why we make sure your business ends up in the right hands.

We have extensive experience and expertise in assisting business sales. From the initial conversation to the final transfer, we are by your side as trusted and knowledgeable partners. We offer insightful analysis, strategic advice and negotiation support to ensure you get the best deal. Whether preparing your business for sale, valuing your business or finding the right buyer, our Corporate Finance advisors have the expertise to guide you through every stage of the sales process.

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A crucial step in your entrepreneurial journey

Selling your business is not just a decision; it is a defining moment, after years of hard work, dedication and vision. It is a milestone and, at the same time, a new chapter in your entrepreneurial journey.

For many entrepreneurs, their business is like a child they have raised. From the first steps in the start-up phase, overcoming challenges, celebrating successes, to achieving stable growth - each phase has its own memories and lessons. Therefore, the decision to transfer your business to new custodians is not taken lightly. It requires careful consideration, planning and, above all, confidence that the business will continue to prosper under its new leadership.

At JBR, we understand the emotional and business complexities of this crucial moment. We recognize the value of what you have built and strive to guide you through every step of this transition process. Our goal is to ensure that the sale of your business is not only financially rewarding, but also aligned with your personal and professional goals.

Selling your business is a reflection of your entrepreneurship, your passion and your dedication. It is an affirmation that what you have created is valuable and will have a lasting impact. As you prepare for this crucial step, we are here to support, advise and ensure that your entrepreneurial journey continues in the best way possible.

Our distinctiveness

Business sale advisors from JBR: Your guide to peace of mind and success

Whether you are considering selling your company to a direct competitor to consolidate your market position, or want to transfer your business to a party outside your core business for strategic advantages, JBR is by your side. Our Corporate Finance advisors ensure that you can take this important step with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that a team of experts is committed to achieving the best outcome for you. We ensure that the sale of your business receives the recognition and value it deserves, given your years of commitment and dedication.

A clear, objective view and unbiased advice are at the heart of our services. With our dedication, thorough knowledge and attention to every detail, we guarantee a seamless business transfer that is fully in line with your ambitions and expectations.

Every business is unique, which is why you deserve advice specific to your situation. Our advisors offer practical and targeted solutions, tailored to your specific needs, to overcome any obstacles and maximize the value of your business during the sale.

At JBR, your business sale is our priority. We guide you through the entire process: from initial strategic considerations to transaction completion and subsequent integration. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and positive experience so that you can enter the next phase of your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and peace of mind.


Why JBR?

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Independent and transparent

We always work from an independent advisory role. An open way of doing business, which has now attracted many clients to us and resulted in many an ambassador.

In-depth industry knowledge

JBR advises and assists companies in sectors where the stakes and challenges are high - such as Maritime & Offshore, Energy & Environment, Healthcare, Food & Agri, Industrial Markets and Digital & Technology.

Dedicated teams

We work closely with you in specifically assembled project teams consisting of corporate finance advisors, strategists and researchers. JBR's consultants like to act as trusted sparring partners and are committed to achieving the best results for you. This working method is highly valued by clients.


Independent and transparent


In-depth industry knowledge


Years of experience

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