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Our working method

JBR has built a track record over the years in actively assisting companies to develop a new financial or operational structure. After all, we operate at the intersection of Strategy and Corporate Finance and can quickly assemble a team of specialists for you. Where desired, we assist with implementation from JBR Interim Executives.

In times of need, we mobilize all our talent and join forces to ensure continuity. Together with you, we develop a new route and scenarios, which can secure the future of your company. In doing so, we always put your interests first.


Our services

If the financial situation calls for it, it is necessary to analyze the company's liquidity position and get a grip on cash flows. The available resources should be spent as efficiently as possible. It is also necessary to analyze the current financing structure. Is the capital position still sufficient and is the further financing (e.g. credit loans and leases) still appropriate for the company in this situation.

We can assist in raising equity and/or debt capital. The goal is to get the company back in an optimal financial position where continuity is ensured.

In case of (imminent) insolvency, it is important to quickly understand your position and options. It may be necessary to initiate an accelerated sales process of the company or parts thereof. Furthermore, in specific cases the homologation of mutual agreement Law (WHOA) can offer a solution. In such a procedure, it is important to have an experienced restructuring expert on board in addition to a skilled attorney.

The purpose of an independent business review (IBR) is to provide an objective view of the company in terms of its finances, operations and/or strategy. Such a review can consist of various components amongst which an analysis of the market and the competition. In addition, the effectiveness of the governance, the planning and control cycle and the organization may be assessed, including points for improvement. An IBR can be requested by the entrepreneur, but also, for example, by an important shareholder or financier.

We can provide insight into the company's cash flows, if relevant per business unit. This also includes the effect of areas for improvement and the financing requirements necessary for this. Finally, we make an analysis of the various short- and long-term financing options.

We can support in achieving a rapid "turnaround". First of all, the company must be stabilized. Furthermore, it is important to prepare a reliable short-term forecast, address acute problems and see what actions can be carried out at short notice. We also analyze the operational and commercial causes of the financial problems based on available information.

A new or modified business plan is developed with you, naming operational improvements with a plan to implement them. This may lead to a financial restructuring. Finally, where necessary, we will support discussions with external stakeholders (e.g. customers, tax authorities and banks)


JBR the right choice

Restructuring advice

Independent and transparent

The interests of your business are always paramount. Without exception we assume an independent advisory role. An open way of doing business, which has meanwhile bonded many clients to us and resulted in many an ambassador.

In-depth industry knowledge

JBR advises and assists companies in sectors where the stakes and challenges are high - Maritime & Offshore, Food & Agri, Healthcare, Energy & Materials Transition, Industrial Markets and Digital & Technology.

Track record

Because of our years of experience with restructuring problems, we quickly see through the situation. We often work under time pressure, especially at the outset. These are not casual assignments, they matter. It is often emotional, because the necessary choices affect people and business.


Independent and transparent


In-depth industry knowledge

Years of experience

Getting to the bottom of the problem


Thanks to our sector focus and proven track record, JBR Restructuring knows the opportunities and dilemmas you face. As an independent and reliable sparring partner, JBR helps you reduce the most complex issues to the core and clarify all scenarios, in order to arrive at a sound and well-founded decision.

When you choose JBR as your advisor to restructure your business, these are the steps.

1. A good conversation

We pay close attention to your company's current business models, culture and structure. We get to the root of the problem.

2.'Quick scan' - problem analysis and advice

We analyze the possible future propositions and business models and test them against the possible scenarios using relevant criteria such as revenue potential, strategic fit, legal framework and risks.

3. Liquidity forecast

This overview indicates what the problems within the company are and especially what the directions for solution are. Sometimes we ask permission, on behalf of our client, to contact the bank and tax authorities directly, to discuss our initial impressions.

We also compile a list of action items that need immediate attention.

4. Risk assessment

In addition to making a risk assessment, we look closely at developments in your market segment, the state of your own organization and your personal ambitions and desires.

5. A new funding structure

With sound corporate financing, the future of your business can be secured. We help you design the optimal capital structure and select the most appropriate financing institution.

We are in contact with stakeholders, including banks, tax authorities and creditors. Where appropriate, a proposal is made to redesign the financing.

6. Plan for operational excellence

With new entrants with surprising and innovative business models, the market is constantly changing. Companies must constantly adapt to respond to these changes in order to maintain their market position. For many companies, it means redesigning their organization and processes.


With these questions, we would like to help you

A company's success relies on external and internal environmental factors. For a variety of reasons, companies can run into financial difficulties. Increasing competition or sudden drop in demand. Management failure or changing market conditions. All of these factors can lead to mounting losses.

For some companies, quick corporate recovery measures are sufficient. Such measures can provide you as a business owner temporarily with "a little more air". Sometimes more permanent measures are required. These may involve implementing a more businesslike corporate culture or a reorganization. Whatever the case may be, in both, all stakeholders in the recovery operation need to be involved. Not only investors, banks and financial institutions, but also management and employees.

We are the experienced partner when it comes to corporate recovery. We can create a revitalization plan in consultation with you. A revitalization plan helps initiate the necessary changes. In this way, you prevent the threat of escalation from jeopardizing the survival of your company.

Debt advisory focuses on optimizing your company's financing structure.

The economic situation has hit certain sectors hard and banks have tightened requirements. Companies with uncertain continuity prospects are struggling with issues such as optimizing the company's financial structure, or business restructuring, and restoring profitability, or debt advisory.

We help you with questions about corporate finance and the continuity perspective closely related to it. Complex issues that require broad expertise. In solving them, various subject specialists work intensively together, such as advisors who look at the market perspective of the company and advisors who can optimize the financial structure.

From 2022 onward, the war in Ukraine and high energy prices in particular have a great impact on results. In the recovery phase after the corona pandemic, it becomes increasingly clear that the labor market tightness is structural.

Most businesses face these totally unexpected changes and (for now) a new reality. Entrepreneurs, often under great pressure, must reorient themselves for the future.

In such case, "stakeholder management" is very important. How are the interests of, for example, employees, debtors, creditors, financiers and tax authorities weighed? In limited time, important decisions will have to be made that lead to the continuity of the company. Depending on the issues, choices will have to be made. Our team of specialists stands beside you during this process. Due to our broad expertise, we can optimally serve companies with the development of a new financial and/or operational structure and strategic changes. We have extensive experience in maintaining contacts with (a) financier(s), managing their expectations and negotiating with them on (credit) conditions and other relevant matters.

With new entrants with surprising and innovative business models, the market is constantly changing. Companies must constantly adapt to respond to these changes in order to maintain their market position. For many companies, it means redesigning their organization and processes.

A well-founded organizational advice starts with an analysis of the current organization, circumstances and challenges, obviously in close cooperation with you. To then explore a number of development directions in which we outline the conditions for their success. In addition to being an independent sparring partner, we are involved in the implementation of the strategy if required and guide the processes towards results. The core of our approach consists of a flexible attitude, close cooperation with our clients and the inventiveness of our organizational advice and solutions.

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