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Business valuation, also known as business valuation, plays a vital role in creating strategic value, mergers, corporate acquisitions, financial issues, takeover advice and resolving disputes between shareholders or with the tax authorities. It is also of great importance for companies that are in financially difficult circumstances and want to take advantage of the Homologation Private Agreement Act (WHOA).

Our Corporate Finance team performs objective valuations that serve as a solid foundation for such situations. If you want to enter a transaction process or negotiations with confidence, a thorough business valuation of your company is crucial. Our three Register Valuators, registered with the NiRV (Dutch Institute of Register Valuators), are ready to assist you in this regard

At JBR, we believe that a good business valuation is critical to various business transactions

We understand the importance of accurately determining the value of a company or business. Our expert consultants use business valuation as a valuable method to understand a company's value drivers, financial health, growth opportunities and future prospects. A thorough business valuation allows you to enter negotiations with confidence, and it also provides transparency and clarity for all parties involved.

JBR Business Valuation

A solid foundation forms the basis for a high-quality valuation

What aspects should be considered in Business Valuation?

In Business Valuation, there are several aspects that are important to consider. The following overview discusses some of the most important aspects that contribute to a successful and valuable business valuation:

  • Internal analysis: A thorough analysis of historical financial and other data provides valuable insights into your company's value drivers.
  • External Analysis: Understanding the market conditions and competitive environment in which the company operates.
  • Valuation technique: Using one or appropriate valuation methods can do justice to the context of the question.
  • Future-oriented: Assessing the company's future prospects is both inspiring and stimulating.
  • Risks: Identifying and mitigating risks is critical to ensuring the stability and resilience of the business and thus its value.
  • Professional valuation: A solid valuation is based on careful rationale and documented findings.

Careful consideration of these aspects contributes to a professional and well-researched business valuation. By highlighting the company's strengths and growth potential, we attract investors and potential partners, leading to successful business transactions and value creation. We are ready to support you in various issues through our comprehensive services, broad knowledge and extensive experience in Corporate Finance, Strategy, Restructuring and Interim & Governance.

Our distinctiveness

Registered Business Valuators (RVs) offer valuable insight into your business

In recent years, the field of business valuations has developed into a respected profession. At JBR, we consider business valuations a specialty we are proud of. Our team includes no fewer than 3 registered business valuers (RVs). With their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, you can count on us to take a thorough and professional approach to your valuation issue. Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible service and earn your trust.

A professional valuation is important. Our accredited RVs are trained and qualified to weigh relevant aspects and prepare a soundly based valuation.

A professional and well-researched valuation of your business gives you a solid foundation on which to approach negotiations with confidence. This allows you to take a reasoned and informed position and represent your interests effectively.

With our Registered Valuators (RVs), you are assured of a professional and structured approach to your business valuation. Our knowledge of the market and commitment to quality and methods and techniques allow us to address your valuation issue at a high level.

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Business Valuation consulting

Independent and transparent

We always work from an independent advisory role. An open way of doing business, which has now attracted many clients to us and resulted in many an ambassador.

In-depth industry knowledge

JBR advises and assists companies in sectors where the stakes and challenges are high - such as Maritime & Offshore, Energy & Environment, Healthcare, Food & Agri, Industrial Markets and Digital & Technology.

Dedicated teams

We work closely with you in specifically assembled project teams consisting of corporate finance advisors, strategists and researchers. JBR's consultants like to act as trusted sparring partners and are committed to achieving the best results for you. This working method is highly valued by clients.


Independent and transparent


In-depth industry knowledge


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