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Rogier Tigchelaar

Senior Consultant Corporate Finance

  • Sector: Maritime & Offshore, Energy & Environment
  • Service: Corporate finance

"It's not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.

Change is an essential aspect within business. As a corporate finance consultant, I am fully aware of the impact change can have on organizations. The ability to anticipate new opportunities and market developments is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. It is also important to be able to deal with changes arising from lack of business succession.

In my role as a corporate finance advisor, I help organizations address financial issues and execute transactions so they can make informed decisions and implement needed changes. However, my motivation extends beyond pure financial success. I strive to have a positive impact on society as a whole, which is why I particularly focus on the dynamic and exciting energy sector.

With an academic background, including an MSc BA in Investment Management and completion of all levels of the prestigious CFA program, I have the knowledge and expertise to tackle complex financial and organizational issues. My experience as an investment strategist at Kempen has enabled me to develop strategic insight and respond proactively to change.

As a consultant at JBR, I have the unique opportunity to work closely with clients and guide them in finding innovative solutions. Together, we ensure that your organization is ready for the future