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Lisan Hutten

Business Analyst

  • Service: Corporate finance

'Competition makes us faster. Collaboration makes us better.'

Personally, I like a healthy dose of competition. It challenges you, keeps you on your toes and gives you motivation to constantly improve. Gather the right people around you and this will lead to better results.

In the consulting world you meet many different entrepreneurs, each with their own story. I get excited about working with (start-up) entrepreneurs and taking their business to the next step together. This transition phase can feel very chaotic, involving complex issues, often with a financial basis. At JBR we translate these questions into concrete figures that can provide guidance in making strategic choices.

During my master Finance in 2021, I started working at JBR. In the workplace there is a motivated atmosphere but also always room for a good conversation! Learning with and from colleagues has made me make the step to Business Analyst.