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Harold Brummelhuis


  • Sector: food & agri
  • Service: Corporate finance

'No better advice than honest advice.'

I am convinced: entrepreneurs who honor what they agree on will always be and remain successful. This is how I see life myself: being clear about agreements, being transparent and giving honest advice (even if it is different advice) are very important to me. This applies in particular to mergers and acquisitions, my specialty. I have assisted in many of these.

My strength lies in getting the story behind the numbers clear and offering different solution directions. It is always an honor for me to accompany my clients during transactions because they are intensive and dynamic processes that have a lot of impact.

All my working life I have been active in the field of advising on mergers and acquisitions, now for almost 20 years. First at a Rabobank subsidiary and since 2012 at JBR. Here I have assisted many clients in (international) transactions both within and outside my focus sector Food & Agri.