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Author: Iemke Imhof
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JBR advises Kramer Group

We proudly present our 2023 results and celebrate successes. We are working hard on new cases and M&A transactions. Expect deep sector knowledge, an extensive network and up-to-date practices from us.

Our approach goes beyond mere advice. We think with you, act in your interests and operate internationally with an extensive network. Through our close cooperation with clients, we build lasting relationships. Our expertise extends across six specific sectors that we focus on, which makes us a partner of stature. We are able to make sharp analyses that are directly applicable in your daily practice.

Do you have any questions or opportunities? Contact us for a coffee chat or through our team. Lasting personal relationships are important to us. You can always call or email us for no-obligation advice.

We would like to take you through some of our deals from the first half of 2023.

The team at JBR

JBR advises Kramer Group

M&A transaction: QTerminals acquires majority stake in Kramer Group

JBR acted as M&A advisor to Kramer Group, the only independent multi-user depot in the Maasvlakte area. The company operates at six different locations with network access to major terminals, five of which are located at the Maasvlakte and one at the Eem-/Waalhaven. It also offers three transport options by rail, water and road.

JBR Corporate Finance's deal team consists of: Rick ter Maat, Alexander Beyleveldt, Melvin Zandstra and Boudewijn van der Hart.
They assisted the shareholders of Kramer Group throughout the process.


M&A transaction: Cyan Renewables acquires DEME's vessel Groenewind

JBR assisted Cyan Renewables in the acquisition of the vessel Groenewind from the DEME Group. JBR's deal team consisted of: Rick ter Maat, Ronald van Rijn and Rogier Tigchelaar.

Cyan Renewables, a portfolio company of Seraya Partners, has completed the acquisition of a 100% interest in Groenewind, an advanced Service Operations Vessel (SOV). This state-of-the-art vessel, only 2 years old, was previously owned by DEME and is based in Belgium. It operates under a 17-year long-term contract and is dedicated to the maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Groenewind holds a major distinction as the world's first DP2 advanced dynamic positioning twin-hulled SOV. Its advanced design enables safe crew transfer even in challenging wave heights, and it effectively maintains its position in rough seas. The vessel is highly energy efficient, with an emphasis on reducing fuel consumption, and is equipped with a built-in waste heat recovery system.


People in a laboratory treating wheels.

M&A transaction: NPM Capital acquires majority stake in HQ Group

JBR assisted HQ Group shareholders in the transaction.
Investment firm NPM Capital joined HQ Group as the new majority shareholder.
JBR's deal team: Ronald van Rijn, Onno Sloterdijk, Thomas van Amerongen and Suut Tang
HQ Group is a market leader in the development, production, cleaning and reuse of innovative and high-quality packaging solutions for the high-tech and semiconductor industry, including for ASML's chips.
NPM Capital is an investment company with a flexible investment horizon primarily focused on the long term. They help participations advance to the next stage of development in scale and professionalism.

M&A transaction: Denso acquires Certhon outright

Denso acquires majority stake in Certhon family company
The deal team of JBR Harold Brummelhuis and Kees van Biert accompanied the shareholders of Certhon.
This cooperation creates a special and strong combination to accelerate the development of technology in greenhouse horticulture.Certhon develops large-scale greenhouse horticulture projects worldwide.
A minority stake was already acquired in 2020.
DENSO Corporation (DENSO) is the second largest supplier of advanced automotive technology in the world.
JBR assisted Certhon's shareholders in both transactions.


M&A transaction: acquisition of Heating service for VDK Group

JBR guided the shareholders of Heating Service Installatietechniek B.V in the acquisition by VDK Groep.
JBR's deal team: Ronald van Rijn and Rogier Tigchelaar
Due to the lack of succession within the company, a sales process was started to ensure continuity.Heating Service is a leading installer in the field of mechanical engineering, with a strong focus on heat pump technology.
VDK Groep is a technical service provider in the Netherlands and carries out work in the electrical engineering, security engineering, climate engineering, building intelligence and Infratechniek segments.


Financing: JBR raises growth capital for RealFaceValue

JBR Corporate Finance acted as advisor to RealFaceValue and its founder.
JBR Corporate Finance's team consists of: Caspar van der Geest, Rocher Hulst and Lisan Hutten.
JBR assisted in preparing a presentation for investors, setting up a financial model, identifying and approaching potential investors, as well as negotiating and advising on deal structuring, term sheet preparation and final transaction documentation.

RealFaceValue is a Dutch MedTech company operating in the medical aesthetics and cosmetics market. The company successfully raised €1.5 million in a Series A financing round with a consortium of seven investors.


JBR advises Watcherr

Funding: JBR raises growth capital for Watcherr

JBR Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Watcherr and its founder.
The JBR Corporate Finance team consists of: Frank Hermans, Rik van Meirhaeghe and Valentijn Destoop
JBR assisted in preparing a presentation for investors, setting up a financial model, identifying and approaching potential investors, as well as negotiating and advising on structuring the deal and preparing the term sheet.

Watcherr, a Belgian MedTech company came to market in 2021 with a system that works plug-and-play with a smartwatch, which patients wear along with their smartphones. Watcherr is already being used in Belgium, United Kingdom and Canada.


Case: Commercial due diligence for investment decision

JBR was approached by Smile Invest to conduct commercial due diligence (CDD) prior to the decision to acquire a majority stake in FMTC.

The advice from Merijn Veltkamp, Margo Blikman and Alexander Rutten involved detailed validation of the underlying drivers in the information memorandum and examining the company's future prospects.

Through a thorough internal and external analysis, extensive interviews and financial test, JBR validated the prepared information memorandum.

JBR provided a well-researched CDD report looking at the various end markets, the training certificate market and the competitive landscape. With this report, Smile Invest was able to make a balanced investment decision.


A bright orange lifeboat with three men on board. One of the men throws a life preserver into the water.
A photo taken from the air of a "chemical tanker."

Case: Growth strategy for operator of chemical tankers

JBR conducted a growth strategy, in which the realization of growth was researched and analyzed. This market study by Merijn Veltkamp, Margo Blikman and Charlotte Zoller was substantiated by interviews with stakeholders.Based on internal and external analyses, several growth hypotheses were identified and defined as possible growth strategies.

The strategic plan was presented to and approved by the company's shareholder and management team and will be implemented in the coming period.