Press Release

Launch of REACH cross-border M&A

May 6, 2024, Dublin, Ireland

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a global cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) partnership under the new name REACH.
REACH brings together 24 M&A advisory firms operating in 30 countries, formerly known as Global M&A Partners, who have been working together for more than 20 years. REACH specializes in mid-market transactions and provides advice to private equity funds, corporate clients and family businesses on selling, divesting, acquiring or merging businesses.

Author: Ronald van Rijn

Over the past five years, we have listened carefully to what our clients need. We have learned that the key to success in international deals is to build the right team. This team consists of experts who know a lot about different industries and local markets, have done successful deals, work well together and stay beside the client throughout the process.

Because we listened carefully to our clients' feedback, we created REACH for international mergers and acquisitions. Our clients work directly with a team of international advisors who have done previous deals, have the right expertise and support them throughout the process.

REACH's teams combine knowledge of different sectors and local markets. They have proven ability to close successful deals and have connections with key decision makers. Since 2010, our teams have successfully completed more than 700 international deals. We use our combined knowledge and understanding of local markets to find buyers and sellers that others may miss.

All this ensures that our clients feel comfortable during the process, and that we can successfully close the deal.

Ivan Alver, president of REACH said, "We are pleased to launch our new organization REACH, which represents the core values and skills of our people and companies. We have listened to the market and adapted to help our clients succeed in international deals. Our team of experienced dealmakers brings both deep industry knowledge and extensive local knowledge. Our collaboration allows us to work quickly across countries, cultures and time zones, even in difficult situations. This unique characteristic is now at the core of our partnership culture at REACH."

Since 2010, our advisors at REACH have completed more than 1,800 international and domestic deals, with a total value of more than €60 billion. This makes us one of the most active and successful M&A organizations in the world.

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