JBR Healthcare Event

This year is a milestone for JBR as we celebrate our 40th anniversary!

To celebrate this anniversary, we organized the JBR Healthcare event.



On June 12, the JBR Healthcare Event was held at the Vondelpark Pavilion. The theme of this event was "Private Capital in Healthcare: a joy or a burden?".

The afternoon began with the launch of the JBR Care Collaboration Monitor 2024. JBR Partner Caspar van der Geest took us through the main conclusions from this monitor. Among other things, Caspar told us about the decrease in the share of investment companies and the increase in other private investors in healthcare transactions. Notable is the decrease in the topart of the foreign investors.  

This was followed by an inspiring discussion with healthcare executives, entrepreneurs, investors and financiers led by Peter Bennemeer. Robbert Braak introduced the various statements with stimulating film clips. What do we mean by private capital and can it be distinguished from private equity in the strict sense? Does it matter who the owner is or is it about what the owner does? 

In this regard, private capital was seen more as the facilitator of innovative care concepts than the initiator. It plays a role in the introduction of business thinking in healthcare to maintain the balance between quality and affordability. It can also act as a driver of change in a market segment. 

De meeting was concluded with informal drinks. Where guests had the opportunity to meet and discuss further the topics previously that afternoon come up came. 

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