JBR Governance IDFA event

This year is a milestone for JBR as we celebrate our 40th anniversary!

To celebrate this anniversary, an exciting meeting was held at the Vondelpark Pavilion in Amsterdam on February 1. The event focused on the practical, ethical and moral challengesm facing participation commissioners.




Author: Daan Steenbergen
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JBR Governance IDFA event

The event was led by Prof. Dr. Mijntje L├╝ckerath-Rovers, a leading authority on Corporate Governance, known for her work and recent book "Moral Dilemmas in the Boardroom."
The program offered an enlightening exploration of several IDFA film clips, led by L├╝ckerath-Rovers and facilitated by Robbert Braak, an expert in leadership development using visual media. The clips were carefully chosen to provoke discussions and reflections on the complex issues facing commissioners.

The meeting provided an inspiring opportunity for participants to reflect on the crucial role of participation commissioners in modern business practices and gain new insights valuable for their professional trajectories.

After an energizing afternoon, the meeting concluded with informal drinks, where guests had a chance to chat afterward and continue their conversations.




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Daan Steenbergen
Managing Partner JBR Governance


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