IDFA Documentary: ' Breaking Social '

On Thursday, Nov. 9, we watched the IDFA Documentary: 'Breaking Social' with our associates. The film delves into the world of recurring patterns of corruption that plague societies worldwide.

JBR is a sponsor of Club IDFA

JBR is a sponsor of Club IDFA, which means that we and associates visit the festival every year at Pathé Tuschinski.

The JBR event began with an introduction by festival director Cees van 't Hullenaar and Ronald van Rijn.
The film delves into the world of meritocracy and the recurring patterns of corruption that plague societies worldwide. The documentary also addresses pressing issues such as climate change, exploitation and social inequality, with an emphasis on the corrupting influence of power. The film features content consultant Sarah Chayes and historian Rutger Bregman.

Afterwards, the discussion is initiated by moderator Sander Schimmelpenninck on the unequal starting points in society and possible solutions. Joost de Vries draws parallels to a monopoly game with an unequal financial start. Sander also addresses taxing unexpected financial windfalls, such as inheritances or the excess value of homes. Another of Sander's topics is providing 100k of capital at age 25 after a year of social service. This can contribute to financial confidence and social equality. Harm Tunteler contributes basic income as a solution for better social and financial equality. This discussion led by Sander Schimmelpenninck raises interesting considerations.

Over drinks and buffet dinner, the documentary was food for thought. There were always slightly different conversations, in which opinions were divided this time.

Thank you for your presence and involvement.

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