Gijs Hulscher joins JBR to leverage expertise in Energy & Environment

Gijs Hulscher, a professional with a proven track record in sustainability and operational optimization, has joined JBR Strategy as an associate. His recent move marks a focused shift to the Energy & Environment sector, where sustainability and transition are central.

Author: Gijs Hulscher
Gijs Hulscher of JBR advises companies in the Energy & Environment sector

With a background as COO and CIO at The Seaweed Company, where he was actively involved in projects focused on sustainable agricultural and food solutions, Gijs brings valuable expertise to JBR. His decision to core back to the offshore and renewable energy sector with a focus on go-to-market strategy of new technologies and data-driven optimization of maritime logistics illustrates his focused focus on advancing sustainable innovation.

"The transition to conservation and sustainability in the Energy & Environment sector offers unique opportunities for impact and growth," notes Gijs. "It is an area that aligns with my professional goals and personal values."

Gijs built his experience in previous roles, including strategic positions at Siemens Wind Power, where he focused on engineering, strategy and new technologies in the offshore industry.

His joining JBR, a renowned strategic consulting firm with a strong reputation in the Energy & Environment sector, offers Gijs the opportunity to use and develop his experience and network. His goal is to carry out meaningful assignments together with the team of consultants and business analysts, focusing on sustainable solutions and impactful projects.

"It is an exciting step in my career to leverage JBR's expertise and make a positive contribution to a sector that has sustainability at its heart," adds Gijs.

Gijs' joining JBR represents not only a professional shift, but also a strengthening of capabilities in the Energy & Environment knowledge sector. His focus on sustainability and his experience promise to be a valuable addition to the ongoing efforts to drive innovation and change in this crucial sector.


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