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JBR has over 30 years of experience in the Energy & Environment sector. Clients include energy suppliers, grid operators, governments, equipment suppliers, installation companies, companies active in sustainability, smart city & mobility and suppliers to the sector.

Dedicated team

The JBR Energy & Environment team has extensive experience with issues within the Energy & Environment domain in both strategic and corporate finance and restructuring areas, mostly within the private domain but certainly also at the public-private interface.

The team also works across sectors, e.g. on key themes such as offshore wind and hydrogen in conjunction with our Maritime & Offshore cluster of which several members of the Energy & Environment team are also part.

International network

JBR has an office in the Netherlands as well as an office in Belgium with a strong focus on the Energy & Environment sector. We work together on assignments that transcend national borders. JBR is also a member of the international Global M&A Partners network where international issues are jointly addressed.

Also, in cooperation with Global M&A Partners, JBR publishes the biannual Energy & Environment newsletter. Each newsletter has a specific topical theme.


Track record


Dedicated team


International network

Watch this film with our take on these dilemmas.

  1. Who is contributing to the investments for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy? Fossil fuels will eventually have to be replaced, and the current unstable energy situation makes the need for this all the more obvious
  2. What is the optimal mix in renewable sources and what do we do with the existing infrastructure? How do we deal with the fluctuating output of renewable resources?
  3. What role can charging stations and storage systems (batteries) play in helping to balance the grid? What is the revenue model in this regard?
  4. Electricity consumption is increasing and generation is increasingly decentralized. How do we adapt the infrastructure of the current grid to this, or are local smart grids the answer?
  5. Despite the high demand and trend for renewable energy, investments in fossil energy sources will remain necessary in the coming years. Fossil sources will remain an important part of the energy mix until 2050.


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